Indian Railways: Eastern Railway canceled 25 trains due to cyclonic storm ‘Yaas’, check the list

Due to cyclonic storm ‘Yaas’, Eastern Railway has canceled 25 trains between May 24 and May 29.

Kolkata: After Cyclone ‘Tauktae’, many states are now facing the threat of another storm ‘Yaas’ (Yas). Yaas is expected to hit the coast of West Bengal and North Odisha by the evening of 26 May in the Bay of Bengal. Due to taking protective measures, Indian Railways has canceled many trains. Eastern Railway has decided to stop operating 25 trains from May 24 to May 29. If you have made a plan to go somewhere, then you can check the complete list here.

These trains will be canceled from May 24, 2021: –

02510- Guwahati-Bengaluru Cantt: 24th and 25th May

05228- Muzaffarpur-Yesvantpur: May 24

02643-Ernakulam-Patna: 24th and 25th May

05930- New Tinsukia-Tambram: May 24

02254-Bhagalpur-Yesvantpur: May 26

02376- Jasidih-Tambram: May 26

02507-Trivandrum Central-Silchar: 25 May

02552-Kamakhya-Yeshwantpur: 26 May

02611- MGR Chennai Central-New Jalpaiguri: 26 May

08419- Puri-Jayanagar: 27 May

08450- Patna Junction-Puri: 25 May

02249- KSR Bengaluru City-New Tinsukia: 25 May

02509- Bengaluru Cantt-Guwahati: 27th and 28th May

02508 Silchar-Trivandrum Central: 27 May

05929 Tambrum-New Tinsukia: 27 May

02250 New Tinsukia – KSR Bangalore City: May 28

02551-Yesvantpur-Kamakhya: 29th May

02612- New Jalpaiguri-MGR Chennai Central: 28 May

02644- Patna-Ernakulam: 27th and 28th May

02516- Agartala-Bengaluru Cantt: 25th May

02515- Bengaluru Cantt-Agartala: 25 May

02253- Yesvantpur-Bhagalpur: 29 May

06578-Guwahati-Yeshwantpur: 24 May

07029- Guwahati-Secunderabad: 26 May

02375- Tambram-Jasidih: May 29

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