An important & less time-consuming step has been taken by Railway for the safety of passengers

An important step for the safety of the passengers: West Central Railway has taken important steps for the safety of passengers. Under this practice, West Central Railway has installed 100 percent color light signals on all the routes of its zone.

For the smooth running of trains, all the routes of the West Central Railway have been equipped with the color light signal system. The Railway administration was trying for this for a long time. Now the West Central Railway has also joined the front line of the zone which has been converted into a 100 percent color light signal on all the routes.

Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Ajay Kumar Pal said that due to the installation of signals of this high-tech and complete safety system, there will be a qualitative improvement in both the safety and security of trains. This year, turning the disaster of the corona epidemic into an opportunity, the West Central Railway has achieved this feat in the year 2020-21.

These are the features of this state-of-the-art signaling system.

– Visibility of the color light signal is higher at night. So, these train drivers are seen from far and clear. With this, they keep on maintaining the speed of their trains.

– Even in times of adverse weather and fog, color light signals are easily visible to the driver from a distance.

– Color light signal system is highly reliable and safe compared to other signal systems. Human error is negligible in the color light signal system. There is little chance of signal failure.

– Maintenance of color light signal is easy. It requires minimum manpower.

– West Central Railway has converted all 4943 signals into color light signals.

– 1674 signals have been converted into color light signals in the Jabalpur division, 1481 in the Bhopal division, and 1788 in the Kota division.

Less time-consuming practice

It is expected that due to the color light signal, the operation of the trains will now be smooth. This will help to maintain 100 percent maintenance of trains. This practice will be helpful to save the travel time of the passengers so that they will reach their destination on time.

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